Betting Guides for Success in Betting Industry
We’ve divided this guide into three different parts, first one is to do with season long bets, second multiples, and lastly we throw light on individual match betting.

Season long bets on English Premier League
The first bet type we’ll discuss is the season long markets, which are mainly about the team which is expected to win the league. It’s a pretty interesting market, given the fact that bookmakers like Bet365 and others shortlist no more than 4 to 5 different teams with the potential of lifting the trophy. Hence, you’re likely to receive pretty long odds for several teams. However, ever since the English Premier League started in the year 1992, only 5 such teams have gone on to win the league. Considering the fact that every team plays more than 38 games in the league, it takes a very solid squad to actually go on to win the EPL. Hence, you must keep this fact in mind if you’re looking to back some team with pretty long odds.
Other types of season long bets are mainly about teams finishing in top 3, top 2 or top 4 positions. Of these, the market for top 4 is highly popular as it qualifies these teams for an assured appearance in the Champions League tournament in the following season. Visit any popular online casino or some of the popular bookmakers and you’re likely to find odds on teams finishing in the top 6 slot, or even the ones that make it to the top half of the table!
Other end of the spectrum involves betting on a team to finish at the bottom of the table, or finishing among the bottom 3, thus facing relegation. Bets like these where you wish for a team to lose every single week are pretty rare!
Another unusual yet highly popular type of season long bets is to do with season handicap betting. It involves every team getting allotted a certain number of points depending on who’s perceived as the favourite. For instance, a team that’s been having a hard time lately and is sure to face relegation, may most likely get a 40 point start against the favourites. Season handicap betting is extremely popular as all teams get almost the same price, normally in the range of 16/1. In case you think that your selected team has the potential of doing way over expectations during the season’s 9 months, it may be the ideal one to bet for you.
There are several other EPL betting markets, for instance one which focuses on the top goalscorer, season head to head performance (wherein you can back a certain team to finish higher than some other and which is particularly popular with regard to teams considered as longtime rivals).
It should also be noted that you can place majority of the above detailed bets at any point of time during the EPL season, however, most people place these bets well before the season starts. In fact, that’s the best way to go if you wish to have a long-term interest in one stake.

Multiple bets on English Premier League
Every round of EPL fixture involves around 10 games, played mostly on weekend, usually starting from Saturday afternoon till Monday evening. However, a game may also be played midweek on some occasions. Multiple bets are among the most popular bets you can place on English Premier League games. These are bets wherein you make selection of two or more teams to score wins in their respective games. You stand to make huge profits if all of the teams in your selection score wins.
How these bets work is that you place the initial bet on the very first team; now, if that team wins its match, all the money involved, which is the initial bets and their winnings, are moved on to the second team in the bet, followed by the third team and so on. There’s no particular limit on the number of teams you can back. In fact, you can also include football matches happening in other leagues or countries. As is evident, the more number of teams you include in your bet, the more your risk would be, and hence higher the returns.
For instance you may wish to have a multiple wager on all televised matches on a particular weekend, or perhaps a multiple bet on teams which are considered rank outsiders, possibly enabling you to score much higher returns.
A particular type of multiple bet that has grown immensely in popularity is “both teams to score.” This bet involves picking as many games as wanted by you. Now, if every team in the bet scores in every game played by it, you win your bet. This is exactly the type of bet that can get you cheering full volume every time a goal is scored!
Please also note that multiple bets aren’t limited to only the above detailed markets, you’re allowed to place them even on first goal scorers, correct scores, and several other markets. Additionally, these bets have much longer odds. Anyone who is looking for scoring major wins by placing small stakes, this is the ideal bet for him to place.

Individual match markets in English Premier League

To win the match bets
There are several different ways in which you can wager your money on every game that’s played in English Premier League. The first and foremost way of doing that is by betting on the ‘to win the match’ markets. If you believe that a particular team offers good price for winning a specific match, feel free to go ahead and back it completely. Quite obviously, the prices may vary from one online casino to the other and from bookmaker to bookmaker. You’re likely to get small odds if you’re backing some very strong team who is playing at home against a weaker team. That’s also the reason why these bets are integrated into some of the popular multiple bet variations. However, you receive pretty long odds on teams that are considered underdogs in their respective contests.

Correct score bets
Correct score market is another regularly use market in the individual match markets. As predicting the right score is far more difficult compared to guessing a match winner, these markets are fairly long priced in nature. If you’re confident that the table toppers are guaranteed to score a win on a certain weekend, instead of opting for “to win the match” market, you’d be better off wagering on perhaps a 5 - 0 home victory.
Please keep in mind that you’re free to bet on more than one selections in this market. If you’re sure that a particular game would be a high scoring draw, there’s nothing wrong in backing a 3 – 3 or a 2 – 2 result. When you do so you’ll be covered for both the eventualities. It should also be noted that the current score market isn’t just confined to full-time results; you’re free to wager money on half-time scores too.

The first goal scorer bets
This is another highly popular market. Go over the team lineups and if you’re confident of a player having a good price, and is sure to get that very first goal in the match, feel free to back him at your favourite online casino or bookmaker. It may seem like a rather strange bet to you, considering that the betting time may sometimes last no more than 1 minute, or even the entire duration of the game! Once again, it’s a market where odds may vary significantly, a striker may get priced much lower compared to a defender or a midfielder. Last goalscorer is another market which is quite similar to this one. It works exactly the same way as the first goalscorer market, barring the fact that the bets are guaranteed to last till the end of the game, sometimes resulting in nailbiting finishes, especially if your player is strongly touted to finish as the last goalscorer, but you don’t know if he’ll last till the final whistle.

Full time and half-time markets
Another important market within the individual match markets is the full-time – half-time market. It involves predicting the winner of the match, or if it’ll be a draw, at full-time and half-time stages of the game. You may witness some of the longest odds in this betting market if you think that one team will win in the first half, but the other will fight back and emerge as eventual winners after full-time. The same way, the odds may be much shorter if you expect the same team to win both the halves.
If you strongly feel that a team will definitely have won the match by half-time, you’ll get pretty longer odds on that market, compared to “to win the match” markets. Hence, you’d be better off choosing half-time market over ‘to win the match” in this case. On the other hand, if you’re of the opinion that even though a team will play strongly and lead the match at halftime, it’ll fade away in the second half, this market could be the best place for you to indulge in some speculative bets with longer odds.
As also discussed in the multiple bets section earlier, there is a specific market about “both teams to score.” You may simply bet on that market at an online casino cum bookmaker of your choice, sit back and enjoy the match, having bet at both the ends!

Time of the first goal market
Bets placed on this market feature odds on different time ranges. For instance, you may bet on the time of the first goal to be within 0 - 10 minutes, 11 - 20 minutes and so on, until full time. It’s a type of bet where you can swiftly go from wishing no goals in the match, to enthusiastically shouting for a goal!

Under/over bets
This is one of the most favourite markets of football punters throughout the world. Under/over 2.5 goals is the specific market in this category that garners a lot of attention and action. In this market, you predict the total number of goals scored in a match (combined score of both the teams). So, in under/over 2.5 goals market, you can bet on 0, 1 or 2 goals scored collectively (under) or 3 or more goals scored collectively (over).
If you believe that it’ll rather be a boring defensive affair, it may be better to back the under 2.5 market; on the other hand, you’d be better off getting behind over 2.5 market if you expect it to be an all-out attacking affair. You may also come across 4.5, 3.5, 1.5, 0.5 etc. under/over markets with several bookmakers such as Bet365 etc.

Handicap bets
This is another popular way in which you can place bets on football matches. A particular team may receive half a goal, one goal or more goals start initially, and the odds may get changed accordingly. For instance, an underdog may receive 1.5 goals start in an away game against a stronger team. However, if you think they do have a chance of causing an upset, but aren’t keen on risking any money on longer odds, handicap bets may be the right option for you.

Scorecast bets
A rather speculative yet highly popular bet type is the scorecast bet. Why these are considered speculative bets is because they require you to make correct predictions about both the overall score as well as the first goalscorer. You’ll see some of the longest prices on single games in this market. It’s another market where one can score huge returns by betting small amounts. Many bookmakers, for example Bet365, offer same kind of markets, wherein you’re required to predict the winning team and the first goalscorer, or perhaps the time of the first goal and the first goalscorer.
Bets are also available on the number of corners awarded in a game. These are normally in the form of a points system, wherein for instance, every yellow card is equal to 10 points and a red card is equal to 25 points. Bets are then placed on over/under a certain number of points, for instance, over/under 46.5 points, or perhaps on a points range, for instance, 41 and above, from 21 to 40, under 20 etc.
Visit any online casino cum bookmaker and you’re likely to find many other special markets offered on other games, including selective games wherein individual players may be wagered on to score a hat-trick, certain players to get sent off, and head-to-head scores between goalscorers.

Live in game betting in English Premier League
Unlike other betting markets offered by bookmakers like Bet365 and more, wherein bets are normally placed prior to start of the game, and which have static price movements, in-game betting markets have some of the fastest moving odds in EPL. You get the opportunity of betting on a large majority of individual game markets as the game happens in real time. As goals don’t come easy in football, every goal can have a major impact, converting a team from a strong favourite to an outsider within a matter of few seconds.
“To win the match” bets are highly popular in this category. A team that may be a strong favourite on paper at the start of the game, may quickly drift in terms of its price, if the game remains goalless for a long time. On the other hand, that team’s price may contract significantly if it manages to score a goal early in the match. But if the opposite team scores instead, the price may get much higher.
You’re allowed to place bets up until the final whistle, however it’s important to keep in mind that if a team is seen winning comfortably, well into the last few minutes of the game, possibly no odds may be available for that team. If you do get any odds they’ll either be pretty long odds for a draw, and much longer for the other team to win.
Correct score markets are also offered up until the final stages of the matches. The same is the case with under/over bets, unless they were already settled, for instance, 3rd goal has already been scored in under/over 2.5 goals market.
In-play bets can also be placed on “both teams to score” market, but as with under/over bets, these may also get settled the moment either team scores a goal.
Several bookmakers like Bet365 and others may also offer “next goalscorer” in-play markets, if “first goalscorer” markets have already gotten settled. You’re also allowed to bet on a team to score the next goal, at obviously lower odds. You may be able to wager on “no more goals” market too.
In general, most of these in-play markets are busiest at the halftime, with some of the bookmakers offering special odds or enhanced odds at that point of the match.

Final thoughts
So, we just covered almost all bet types you can indulge in in English Premier League. However, keep in mind that football betting is evolving with each passing day, and bookmakers continuously rack their brains to introduce more eye-catching and exciting bets. Hence, you should keep your eye out for all such new offerings!