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Boxing Betting Guide

A comprehensive guide to betting on boxing bouts
Gambling and boxing have gone hand-in-hand for several centuries now. The companionship can in fact be traced back to the days when boxing had just been introduced as a sport. Both have also been closely related during the times when fixing allegations were made on various bouts, with some of the strangest officiating decisions to have ever happened in the game! However, the integrity of the sport has improved by leaps and bounds over a period of time, providing it far more credibility in the modern times. Let’s go over the possibilities you can bet on in the boxing sport, and which ones you should exactly bet on, and why.

Betting on Match odds
This is the most often placed bet in the boxing sport, which involves betting on a certain fighter to win the bout, or ending it as a draw. The first thing you must pay close attention to is – the boxer’s past record. You can make use of several different resources when looking at the boxing history of a fighter. You must check how both the fighters have fared in their earlier bouts, as well as the recent ones prior to the actual fight day. This will give you a fair idea about the number of times they have stepped into a professional ring, how often they’ve been able to last the distance, calibre of each one of them as well as their opponents.
When faced with the conundrum of which fighter you must back, you must look at their corresponding weight as well. Has a fighter been struggling to maintain his weight category, does he have a better record in the lightweight or heavyweight category? Is his record better when he fights against lighter opponents or heavier opponents?
Whether the fighter is prone to getting stopped mid-fight? Is he about to face an opponent who is popular for forcing fight stoppages in between, is his opponent a kind of boxer that lasts the distance on a regular basis?
Is either of the boxers sustaining an injury, or a cut? If yes, are you sure that his trainer has worked enough on that injury, to make him fit for that bout? And will his injury be used as a fight strategy?
You should also figure if both these fighters have battled each other on a previous occasion or not? If yes, what was the result? Who dominated the bout or got lucky? Was it an all-out war kind of scenario or a highly tactical affair? Has either of the fighters gone on decline mode since he faced his opponent last, or had one of them gone on a long break, and hence may be a tad bit rusty?

More questions you must ask are:
– Is one of the fighters known to score victories against certain types of opponents? But gets beaten habitually whenever needs to step up his game?
– Did either of the boxers appear particularly confident at the time of weigh-in?
– What is the total number of rounds in the bout? Will either of the boxers be able to use their stamina to their advantage?
– Where is this bout taking place? Home crowd can make plenty of difference in the contest, both when it comes to lifting up the home boxer’s game, and more importantly in relation to one of the judges being a home town judge. You should be very wary of these things as it may give either boxer an extra edge.

All these questions and many more must be a part of your thought process prior to placing a bet on a boxer. Once you’ve made a decision, ensure that you’ve received ample value for your wager.

Other boxing bet types you can indulge in

Victory method – This is about betting on who’ll win the bout and how he’ll win? The general options available in this regard are points- victory, draw or victory by stoppage.

Round betting – Betting on the probability if either of the fighter will settle for nothing less than an early finish or not? Does the fighter have the ability of soaking up the punches landed by his opponent, and then give it back to him later in the fight? Has either of them committed a knockout before a certain round, during the pre-bout press conferences?

Will the bout go the distance? – This is a pretty straightforward bet on the possibility whether the fight will get stopped midway or not? You’ll need to figure out if either of the fighter has a history of getting knocked down. Will either of them maintain distance, jabbing continuously for all 12 rounds or will he go all out for a knockdown?

Knockdown special bets – These bets are to do with the possibility of either or both the fighters getting knocked down on the ground during the fight? Betting on the possibility of both getting knocked down may be a good bet if you know that both will come prepared for an all-out slugfest; and neither may dance around casually, doing nothing, throughout the 12 boxing rounds.

Grouped round betting – These are placed on a range of rounds, for instance 4 to 6 rounds or 1 to 3 rounds. Although these bets have lower odds compared to round betting, they serve the purpose if you’re confident that the boxer will come out strongly during the last few rounds, or the initial rounds of the match.