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Cricket Betting Guide

Let’s go over various betting opportunities you can bank on in the game of cricket, right from the exciting 20/20 format, to one-day cricket and the classic format of test match cricket.

Betting on test match cricket
As you may be aware, test matches are played over 5 days and are viewed as more classic form of cricket. Each team bats twice in the game, and hence this format is more like a marathon than a sprint (like 20/20 cricket)! Every match constitutes a part of the series, which normally comprises of anywhere from 3 to 6 test cricket matches. The types of bets you can indulge in this format are:

Series betting
Betting on who will win the series – These bets can be placed even before the start of the series and as evident are on the probable winner of it. You can avail three options – either of the teams to win or a tie. In general, it’s observed that the form evens out over the course of the series and upsets aren’t very rare. Carry out a comprehensive analysis on both the teams’ squads, keeping this fact in mind. They may have to use almost all their players over the series, owing to possible injuries, fatigue etc. You must also pay close attention to the teams’ records in home and away series, particularly to the last series played between those two sides in the same country. Current form is also important and cannot be neglected at the time of bet placements.

Betting on the top batsmen – These bets are about the batsmen expected to score maximum runs during the series. It’s a fairly interesting bet and its dynamics keep changing through the series. These can look particularly interesting once your favourite batsman gets into form! Things you must pay heed to when deciding whom to bet on in this market are – the batsman’s current form, how he fares against the opponent team’s bowling attack and whether he’ll be playing every match of the series or not.

Betting on the top bowler – These bets are about who’ll take maximum wickets in that series. You must consider how a bowler normally performs in that country before making your decision. And whether the probable bowler is prone to injuries or is presently in form or not? There’s no point backing a bowler if he will not play in every match of the series.

Match betting
Betting on match odds – These bets are about which team do you expect to win the test match? You must look at the team’s form, line-up and whether it has any home advantage or not. Another major factor that may come into consideration is the weather. Even though you may strongly fancy a team’s chances, if it rains 3 days out of 5, the match will most likely end up in a draw. It may be a good idea to wait until the toss before placing this bet. However, please know that the odds may change quickly after toss.

Betting on the test match’s ending day – In these bets, you bet on which day the test match will come to an end. Every day is listed, right from the morning, afternoon to evening sessions. First 3 days of the test may get listed as one single bet, as a test match getting finished within 2 days or less is pretty rare. In case you feel that it’ll be a pretty long drawn out affair, you’d be better off betting on ‘Day 5 evening.’ If the wicket strongly favours bowlers of either side, you may choose to bet on an earlier finish instead.

Betting on the runs scored in an innings – As is evident, these bets are on the number of runs scored by a team in an innings. In these bets, markets are normally listed in groups of 25 runs, for instance, 200 runs or more, 225 runs or more and so on.

Betting on first innings lead – You bet on which team will take first innings lead. Perhaps the wicket is more suited for seam bowling during the first 3 days of the test match, but more of spin bowler’s heaven during the last 2 days. In this scenario, you must bet on the team having a superior seam attack.

Betting on best opening partnership – When placing these bets, you must closely look at the two openers of both the sides and how well they’ve been playing together. What have their recent partnerships been like? On the other hand, you must also pay heed to the opening bowlers of the opponent team and how have they fared with new ball?

Other types of bets – You may also bet on the possibility of a player scoring a century, or half-century in the match. With regard to bowlers you can bet on a specific bowler taking 5 wickets, or whether the match will end in a tie or not.

Betting on one day internationals
One-day international cricket features 50 overs each bowled by both sides. However, the number of overs may get decreased owing to adverse weather conditions, in which case, the Duckworth Lewis method comes into play, possibly resulting in a much shorter match. When betting on international one-day cricket, you must take a good look at both the teams, in-form players, players having good strike rates, bowlers having good economy rates, and finally how the weather may play out on the day of the match.
Majority of markets offered in one-day internationals are the same as in test match cricket. As in test match cricket, although waiting for toss can be a good strategy, as some wickets may be better for batting second, and the timing of play may affect the team batting first or second (in case of ‘day’ or ‘day and night’ matches), the odds may change significantly after the toss.

Betting on 20/20 cricket games
A quick fire and more recent form of the cricket game, 20/20 cricket involves both teams bowling 120 balls each, with every bowler allowed a maximum of 4 overs each. Scoring rate is the biggest factor in this version of cricket. You must closely check which team has the better scoring rate, how many big hitters are there in each team, how good are their bowlers (especially during the last few overs), how many all-rounders are there in both the sides and more.
Most of the markets available in this format are again quite similar to test match cricket and one-day internationals. One thing you should know is that unlike ODIs and test cricket, toss doesn’t hold a lot of relevance in 20/20 games, because conditions normally remain the same for both teams. However, you need to closely consider how good a team is when it comes to chasing.
As international cricket is played pretty much throughout the year, there are plenty of betting opportunities for interested cricket punters.