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Golf Betting Guide

The comprehensive guide to winning at golf betting
When it comes to golf betting, there are no more than a handful of tournaments you can bet on in any given week of the year. Let’s go over some of the important aspects you must keep in mind if you’re serious about succeeding in golf markets.

Pay attention to the form
The form of a player should be the foremost thing you must study when you’re trying to select the potential winner of a particular golf tournament. Regardless of the other things that may be going in favour of a certain player, if he’s out of form, there’s no way you can place a bet on him confidently. You must closely review that player’s performance in the last few events. Has he been consistent in them, or did he just missed the cut, let’s say in three of them? Specific attention must be paid to his performance in the last round of the recently concluded event. Did he manage to shoot a 63, or ended up over 80?
Further, continuing on the same aspect, it’d be better to back a player who’s been on an upward trajectory, for instance, MC (missed the cut), 48th, 17th and 7th in the past 4 weeks, than someone who’s been on an opposite trend, for instance, 2nd, 8th, 29th and MC.
You should be particularly wary of a player who had won the tournament last time out. Go over his performances in the events post that tournament and how he reacted. While some players have a horrid time in the tournament immediately after a winning one, others actually go on a winning spree, and are extremely dependable. The same should be done for players who get very close, but then miss out, for instance in a play-off. How did he react to it? Or does he lose every time in a play-off?

Pay attention to the course form
This is the second most important consideration you must pay attention to when betting in golf markets. It’s about how a player performs in a certain type of golf course. As majority of tournaments are held every year, you’ll probably have all the statistics to draw conclusions from.
Any player who had won the same tournament in the past should be high on your list. Current good form and consistent impressive finishes at the given tournament is also a good recipe for success.
You shouldn’t necessarily rule out any player who has had a mixed record in the concerned event, for instance, 6th, MC, 11th, 2nd, MC in the past 5 years. The player may have been on a losing streak on the occasions when he missed the cuts. Hence, look at the other results surrounding those missed cuts. He may actually have been out of form.
Then there could be players who may have never played at the concerned course, even if it’s a fairly regular venue. In that case, you should look at that player’s abilities and whether they match with the specific course. Select 2/3 golfers who regularly perform better on that course and observe their strengths, for instance, their putting, driving distance, driving accuracy etc. All such statistics are readily available on majority of tour websites. Thereafter, you must study if the same statistics can be applied to the player you’ve in mind.
Some events may have no records when it comes to course form, and things can get pretty tough in that scenario. The only way you can grab any edge in this situation is check if the course was ever used for some amateur event, and then see if anyone from the top players hold good memories of that course. Even though some golf courses are played only once in many years, for instance Majors and Masters, you should be very careful studying them, as they may have changed significantly after the last event. In fact, Major championship golf courses change on a regular basis to combat technological advancements.

Study the player’s goals
Different golfers enter into golf tournaments every week with different goals and targets. While a certain player may have extensively prepared for a top-3 finish, to get into top-50 world rankings, thus qualifying for the next major, another may require only a top-10 finish to guarantee tour presence in the following season. Some other may desperately need nothing short of a win, to qualify for Ryder Cup. Golf has various cut-offs and you should ideally know about each one of them, and which players may benefit from them.
It isn’t necessary to back players in such situations, but players who’ve exhibited great ability of winning tournaments, and know how to turn things around, are definitely worth considering.

Other important considerations
In the days leading up to the main event, you must keep close tabs on the news channels featuring that specific golf tournament. Who has changed his putter? Who’s picked up an injury? And so on. Please note, the draw is usually made couple of days prior to the main event, hence, ensure you’re up to date about the weather forecast. There could be a forecast of a storm on Friday morning, but a fairly calm afternoon. Hence, you’d be better off backing late starters on that day, in that scenario.
The last and most important thing you must never forget about is the value. Once you’ve studied everything and are sure about backing a certain player, it’s definitely possible that you may come across 20/1 odds, while you were hoping for 8/1. Don’t buy that player if it is so. Back a certain player only if you’re sure that you’re getting a good price.